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TO THE LAB !!!!!!!!

The time limitations of our research period have prevented us from counting the Park Science building, however, we felt it advantageous for the community to consider the Chemistry Wing as a candidate for LED replacement. This section of the building houses many offices, labs, classrooms, and hallways with hundreds of bulbs. The analysis of the Chemistry Wing expresses the huge impact that a retrofit of the entire building would have on the campus’ electrical consumption.

How do you get in? This question plagued us for some time. The common spaces and classrooms of the wing are easy to access but the labs were the issue. Many undergraduates and graduates currently are conducting research in the majority of the labs. In addition, these spaces are filled with valuable equipment and supplies. The doors would not be wide open for us.

To remedy this dilemma, we contacted General Chemistry Lab Professor Kyrnn Lukacs. She was more than happy to unlock the labs and other inaccessible areas for us as well as assisting with the counting. An extra set of eyes was extremely helpful. The Chemistry Wing contains mostly T8s with a few PAR 38s. Most of the PAR 38s were found in classrooms, providing spot lighting on blackboards and projector screens. We left the Chemistry Wing feeling somewhat accomplished only to return to crunching numbers.


Chemistry Wing

Initial Investment


Initial Investment less Incentive


Total Return/Year


CO2 Emission Reduction/Year


Payback Period in Years


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