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About Us

During the Summer 2010, two Bryn Mawr students, Yufan Wang ’11 and Katie Link ’12, are conducting research under the supervision of Prof. Victor Donnay of the Bryn Mawr Mathematics Department and Jim McGaffin, the Ass’t Director for Energy and Project Management. The goal of the students is to complete a Campus Sustainability Project: LED Conservation, which entails the calculation of a return of investment plan and the carbon emissions of the college. At the end of their research, they hope to present their findings to the college treasurer for implementation of LED lighting replacement for the entire campus. In addition, the students plan to create a database of green projects that will be accessible to the college community as well as others, ¬†pointing those who are interested in the right direction. Ultimately, Yufan and Katie will attempt to make connections between teaching math and sustainability, using this hot topic as a motivational tool in the classroom. Sustainability themed algebra textbooks and “green math” sites will be reviewed in order to create new ideas about sustainability and math in our schools.


Name: Katie Link

Year: Class of 2012

Major(s)/Minor(s): Mathematics/Chemistry


Name: Yufan Wang

Year: Class of 2011

Major(s): Economics and Mathematics