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Thomas & Health Center

Due to some time constraints, we decided that our analysis should contain approximately 4 buildings from each of the three categories. We separated the campus up into Dormitories, Academic, and Administrative buildings. Two buildings of significant interest were Thomas and the Health Center.

First, we tackled the Health Center. Deemed the campus building in desperate need of a face lift, the Health Center currently remains unoccupied for the summer. Such an advantageous environment led us to believe our presence would be short in duration. However, we were shocked to find that the rooms of this dark and deserted dwelling were locked. Even our facilities loaned master key could not grant us entrance. For the first time, we two sustainability pioneers could not complete a count. We headed back to Jim McGaffin for some advise.

The wrong key. That’s all it was. We returned to the HC with Jim to open these doors. We found that the majority of the lighting consisted of old T12s. Our calculations were looking very good with such aged technology. Despite this fact, the building’s electrical consumption (hours of operation) could not compete with the high priced LED bulbs. We deduced that the investment was sound but does not acquire the fastest payback. Happily done with this building, we set off to greet Athena in Thomas.

Dearest Athena,

Please grant us a speedy count, high wattage bulbs, and numerous operation hours so that we may conduct a superb building analysis.

Your devoted women of Bryn Mawr,

Katie and Yufan

Hesitant to continue, Yufan and I left the Ward building with our key card to count the historic Thomas. With so many nooks and crannies as well as offices, classrooms, and underground passageways, this task seemed endless. We found coil bulbs, T8s, Par 38s, and T12s of all shapes and size. Down below in the dark, T12s dimly lit the majority of the passageways. Rooms like Quita Woodward and London Room as well as the Graduate Student Lounge and Office needed our full attention as well. After a couple of hours, we had done it. Thomas was complete and we paid homage to Athena on our way out.


Health Center


Initial Investment



Initial Investment less Incentive



Total Return/Year



CO2 Emission Reduction/Year

700 lbs

5,100 lbs

Payback Period in Years



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