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LOOKING UP: Canaday Electrical Lighting Consumption Analysis

HELLO ALL!!!! It’s been quite some time since we last posted. Many factors contributed but the main deterrent to our update was the enormous size of CANDAY LIBRARY!!! With 5 floors and thousands of fixtures, the library engulfed us into a world of extreme luminance. To our surprise, the 2nd floor of the building was under construction. Our study does not contain the lighting for the entire 2nd floor. Despite this fact, we feel the investment in LED replacements for this building would be feasible. Here are our results!!!!

Initial Investment

Initial Investment


Total Return / yr

CO2 Emission Reduction / Yr

Payback Period


CO2 (lbs) / dollar






24,000 lbs


0.106 lbs

So, Canaday is an excellent investment, but an expensive one. Yufan and I feel that more profitable buildings should be worked on first. The return on these investments could fund the Canaday project and reduce the $250,000 cost.

For a more detailed analysis, CLICK HERE

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